PowerShell 3rd Party tool Memory Alert

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  • Are you saying that "Idera" produced the memory leak?  How did you determine this either way?

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  • Seems the "particular" 3rd party exe not to mention any names is on 2 different servers and 1 of them it eats the memory in X days to the point it is not functional and even a service re start hangs. So for a temporary band aid until the "3rd party vendor hands us a fix this works for now. The solution is a fix from the vendor not the band aid. Thanks for checking it out and posting, Ed

  • Gee, I posted another script after deleting this one I did not want to mention any vendor names. Seems the original one is up, oh well..or should I say "Yikes"..

  • This numeric alert value needs "20" quotes around it.

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