Powering up DTS with PerlDTS

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  • This is an amazing module, Thanks very much for your help.

  • Agreed this is a fascinating amount of quality work. I haven't had the time to review it, but I share the concerns of the author in moving DTS packages across environments (dev, qa , prod).

    I also applaud the use of Perl. The syntax might look foreign and intimidating to those raised on VB, but the power of the language and the amazing CPAN community cannot be ignored.

    Nice work Alceu, and thanks for sharing.


  • I am not myself a perl programmer, but this was both enlightening and a fantastic piece of work.

    Timothy A Wiseman
    SQL Blog: http://timothyawiseman.wordpress.com/

  • Excellent article ...:)

  • Good stuff, I just wish I had more time to work with DTS right now. Too much stuff clamoring for my attention.

    Anyway, wanted to mention Linchi Shea's book on SQL 2000 administration with Perl. Available used from Amazon for $3.


    Myself, I've done two things to help my admin chores with Perl. The first was to reformat script files into a format that's better for me, the second is a scheduled job that runs at midnight and grabs my SQL Server logs for the previous 24 hours excluding successful logins, so I have a single place to review everything.

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