PowerBI Paginated Reports vs SSRS reports

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    I have a reportserver where I am currently deploying both PowerBI desktop reports, and SSRS rdl reports. We're setting up standards for the team for our PowerBI reporting to match up to our SSRS standards (logos/header/footer elements/color schemes/etc.). Searching online has led us to the conclusion that adding header/footer is best served by using PowerBI Report Builder, which is essentially the same thing as SSRS, we think.

    So my question is, for anyone using the PowerBI Report Builder to build PowerBI Paginated Reports, are those reports interactive like the desktop reports are? Do they react to mouse-over events, allow for drilldown, allow for custom visualizations that SSRS does not, etc.? Aside from the ability to pull reports from the PowerBI Service (which we aren't using), is there any reason to use the paginated reports over SSRS?

    Or should our solution be to use cards to display the standard report elements we want within our desktop reports?

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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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