PowerBI Desktop conditional formatting?

  • Just wondering if I'm missing the blindingly obvious... Conditional formatting in PowerPivot is super handy because of the visual cues. (The "look at me!" numbers) Is it possible to do the same with PowerBI Desktop?



  • Here are the current conditional formatting capabilities. https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/powerbi-desktop-conditional-table-formatting/

    I believe this is going to be improved upon so it will be more data driven in the future.

  • What is being clicked on to bring up this menu? When I click the dropdown arrow next to my measure under the Values section, I get just two options: 'Remove Field' and 'Quick Calc'. I thought I might be using an old version of PowerBI Desktop, but I have Version: 2.37.4464.602 64-bit (July, 2016).

    I'm completely baffled. Looks like I'm missing a step somewhere.

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