Potential presentation idea: Knowing your limits: are you in over your head?

  • Eirikur Eiriksson (5/3/2016)

    Jeff Moden (5/3/2016)

    4) just want to do their time without doing the time (9-to-5 syndrome and serious lack of intellectual curiosity).

    The question or challenge must then be how to invoke the curiosity?


    Easy answer.... make it personal. Sometimes it takes a concealed triple banded launcher in the form of thoughtful mentorship during forced code reviews. If that doesn't work, rejection of code will eventually get their attention. I hate going that route, though. I'd rather teach them during code reviews like I've done at most every company I've worked at.

    Of course, it also takes good hiring practices. I've had the rare privilege to be the proverbial fly-on-the-wall while others have conducted their interviews and I've found that a lot of companies don't actually know how to interview people for anything having to do with SQL Server.

    --Jeff Moden

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