Please recommend me a cloud service based on description

  • I am working on an angular project and created a docker image for that.till now i only worked on the development side and never on full deployment side but I am willing to learn the process,can you please recommend me a cloud service where my docker container can be deployed with less/no fee charges as there will be near to no traffic to the site.if i said something stupid or funny,please ignore it,i am new to the process.

  • If you're just looking at hosting a container, all the cloud vendors do it. Amazon ECS is one option. Azure Container Hosting is another. Pricing-wise, they're pretty similar. Better to look to the their functionality and see which one is the better fit for your knowledge, style of working, etc.

    There are also 3rd party hosting sites. I don't have as much familiarity with them, but Kamatera, Jelastic and others will host your container.

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