Passing dynamically changing Column values from one Power BI page to another

  • I have a report Page 1 in Power BI, where I have a table that has Load ID column. I have another page (Page 2), where I have a route map related to the Load ID selected on the slicer. The 2 Load IDs in these two pages come from 2 different SQL views, but contain the same values. The only difference is that we have less number of Load IDs in Page 2 since we have a 1 week data retention on that page. Now,  I am looking for a feature where if the user clicks on any Load ID value in Page 1 table, it automatically opens up Page 2 showing the route map of the Load ID that the user clicked on in Page 1.

    Please note: The Load IDs values are dynamic in nature, since it is retrieving data through direct query mode.

    Any help would be appreciated!!

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  • there are videos all over on YouTube. You need drillthrough.  Pretty sure Adam and Patrick have several videos about it. Search for GuyInACube.

  • Thanks.

    I have been trying to implement the drill through option, but it is not working as expected, as in my case since Load ID source for the 2 pages is different. Is there a way I can pass Load ID from Page1 as a parameter to Page 2, which then shows the route map of the Load ID? Just curious!!

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