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  • luismarinaray


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    Dear friends,

    Please, What is the best way, to implement, empty filegroups, with the purpose to partitioning a table.

    How, should I define that FileGroup, in terms of space allocation ?

    Any Idea ?


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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Jeff Moden

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    Step #1 is to identify WHY you think you want to partition a table.  So WHY do you want to partition whatever table you're working with?  What are some of the stats about the table?

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  • luismarinaray


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    Thanks for your response,

    I have checked the following conditions:

    1.) I am choosing partitioning because the size of the database does not matter.

    2.) Index maintenance is taking too much time.

    3.) User sensitivity does not allow to run maintenance routine tasks.

    Thanks again for your ideas

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