Partition Table by Varchar column

  • I have a table that I want to partition by postcode (example values are: 7420_FMIL, ND8_1ZE, C7_4JM) where each rows for a certain postcode would get inserted into its own respective filegroup (Rows for Postcode 7420_FMIL would be in Filegroup FG_7420_FMIL for example) .

    What would the partition function look like?

    CREATE PARTITION FUNCTION PF_Postcode(varchar(100))







    Would that work?  Any help would be much appreciated

  • Before going down the path of partitioning - what are you expecting to achieve by doing so?  What is the purpose of partitioning - and more to the point, why are you wanting to separate the data into separate filegroups and files?

    You don't have to use separate filegroups for partitioning - and there are some benefits to having all partitions in the same filegroup.  If you setup multiple filegroups where the files are all on the same drive then there really isn't any benefit to multiple filegroups.

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  • I think it would be as below.  You must put the partition values in alpha order.

    CREATE PARTITION FUNCTION PF_Postcode(varchar(100))







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