paramter refresh

  • hi,
    I have one report in that 2 parameters are cascaded.
    remaining or not.
    when I change the cascade parameter report parameters refresh(loading happens) that's normal.
    but  I change other parameter which is independent that time also report parameters get refreshed .
    my i know the reason and how to avoid this unnecessary refresh

  • In the Paramter properties, in the advanced pane, change Refresh data when the parameter changes to never refresh. You'll have to physically refresh it then.


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  • its not working(may be I am doing something wrong)
    instead what I did is I moved all the cascading parameters to the top.
    and kept independent parameter in the bottom
    now if I change parameter its not refreshing anymore
    but I don't want change order.
    is there is solution or ssrs works like this.

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