Overview of 64bit SQL

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  • Shame on you Ram Kishore and the owners of the SQL Server Central web site for allowing this article to be posted !!!

    This article was plagiarized from a white paper written by Chad Brown of IdentityMine, Inc. in March of 2003. The plagiarism is word-for-word, including the registered trademark symbols. How a respected site like sqlservercentral.com could let this huge faux pas get posted on the home page is incredible.

    Plagiarism is not acceptable !!!

    The original white paper can be downloaded here:


  • Excellent newsletter

  • Dam copiers....

    My dual post (of my own writing) to help those that might think upgrading to 64 bit is a good idea.

    Ok all the final word on Jet

    The Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Jet and the Microsoft Access ODBC driver are available in 32-bit versions only


    So frankly what this is telling me is if your using the 64 bit version of SQL server than you can not connect to excel files either via a linked server, OPENDATASOURCE, or reporting services. WOW.

    Talk about a chink in the armor I'm stunned. There are articles on the web that show how to run SSIS in 32 bit mode to support Jet or a IIS server and other MS apps in 32 bit mode, but is that really a solution or a step backwards. [Crazy]

    So lesson learned is step back and think about that for a second before you decide to upgrade your server from 32bit to 64bit. You can go out on the web and read the horror stories of people who did, only to break existing code (ouch).

    Peace out...

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