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  • My job was outsourced, I went to work for the outsourcing company, worked at my same desk, and got a raise.  How did THAT work?

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  • You're one of the lucky ones. Sometimes outsourcing benefits people, but usually when it's a small number. when it's a large group, a few people might make more money, but less people get those offers.

  • Very relevant discussion, Steve. I remember some of those times, too. It was scary, mainly because of the unknown. And like you said, most of those discussions back then were to outsource to some place outside of the USA. As it turned out this didn't happen to anyone, but the discussion was enough to give everyone a lack of sleep.

    I sorta see this happening again. Later today we're going to have a meeting on where to migrate our old, out of support TFS. To Azure DevOps Services (AzDO) or GitHub (GH). From my point of view, I don't care so long as we get rid of a system no longer under support. Plus, the headache of having to periodically ask the IT staff to increase the disk space for TFS. So, for me I see lots of positives. But I get the feeling from the IT staff that this represents a challenge for them. I'm not sure if the challenge is losing control over managing a server or fearing that their jobs are somehow threatened. The operations people want to either use Azure DevOps Server (on-prem) or GH Enterprise Server (also, on-prem). I'm like, why are we bothering to keep something on-prem? And the argument I'll use at this afternoon's meeting, we are not in the business of managing source control and CI/CD servers. But IT would much rather have it either on site or in a VM in Azure; do a lift-and-shift operation. Just so long as it stays in some form, they're familiar with. In any case, a similar struggle is happening now, only the game has changed, but the pattern of players remains the same.

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  • I remember over a decade ago my company outsourcing to China.  It was stated that the company in China was ISO certified.  I was working with a "Senior SQL Server DBA" from China to get tasks done.  The "Sr DBA" didn't know SQL Server 101.... yeah... certified right???  Had to spoon feed every step for them to do any of the tasks.  Didn't save time or money.  Eventually, after extremely poor performance they ended that endeavor.

  • A friend started his IT career in the UK tax office.  Got outsourced to 3 difference companies and stayed at the same desk at each change.

    My experience with outsourcing IT is that it is rarely thought through.  A process is believed to be costly and inefficient.  What should happen is a process that goes through the 5 WHYS.

    Start with "Why do you think it is costly and inefficient?" and if it is, move on to "Why is it costly and inefficient?"

    The problem is often spaghetti communication paths, bureaucracy and tech debt.  The only reason it works is that insider knowledge and processes that have sprung up to offset the problem.  Outsourcing simply eliminates the insider knowledge and further processes spring up to address that.

    To outsource something properly you need to know the inputs and outputs, time sensitivity, data quality processes and a plethora of other details where the devil lurks.

    Payroll would be an example where outsourcing works well.

    Moving to the cloud addresses some IT issues but without care it comes with a thumping great bill.  Even when care is taken it can can still come with a thumping great bill if your use case is not intended for the cloud.  If you are running 24/7/365 then it is going to be expensive.  The attraction of the cloud is that you can scale DOWN, but this is a late realisation.

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  • I am also working in a business process outsourcing company who are working for USA based companies. And till now, it has been a great experience to work in an organization which provide the space to gather the information and learn things and have a growth in career.

  • Heh... wait for it...

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