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  • Hello, guys how are you doing?

    I am familiar with SQL server 2000 database. and I am interested to learn this Oracle DB staff. do you think it is easy to learn? what is the deference between SQL and Oracle database?

    Please guys i need your help and I want to know about this Oracle DB staff.

    thank you very much

  • This link might help you start...

    don't know too much about Oracle training material though sorry. I'm sure there's a similar range of books out there that SQL Server has.


  • Personall, I'd start here.

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  • Thank you very much guys


  • Do a search for and downloads a product (there's a free version) called TOAD for Oracle. It makes Oracle a LOT easier to use and more familiar for us MS SQL folk. We've got a client where we need to read stuff from the Oracle tables. Whilst the concepts are the same, the tools aren't as nice (Java GUI controls just miss a lot of nice stuff) and things are just, well, different.... 😀

  • Take a look at the Oracle site. Sign up for their free magazine, it contains a lot of useful info similar to SQL Server Magazine. Look for Oracle newsgroups, and start looking at the questions and answers. Expect most things in Oracle to be much the same as SQL Server, but also be prepared for different ways of doing familiar tasks, and for a few significant differences. Download a trial copy of Oracle for Windows (or *nix if you run that) and play with it.

    Eventually you will know quite a bit about Oracle, but you will have to use a lot of your time to do so. You just need to decide how much time you are prepared to spend, and hence how much you will eventually know. If you want to know Oracle as more than a hobby, then you will need to get a job where you can use it for real.

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  • The Oracle Technology Network is a great networking site for developers and DBA's. It contains tons of information on whatever you want to know about Oracle. Use this link to find out more and to join.

    I also like the following book for DBA's:

    Oracle Database 11g DBA Handbook by Bob Bryla and Kevin Loney.

  • hi,

    i agree with Ian Yates for using TOAD.its really a good interface between oracle and DB.nice to work.




  • Thanks a lot guys 😀

  • Use the web site to download the free version of TOAD. It does not have the full version of TOAD but is good enough to do most of the work, it just does not have debugging and some fancy functions.

    If you go to, you will never find the free version of TOAD.

  • Is there any guide or site Oracle for MS SQL Proffessionals. I would like to jump in quickly in Oracle erea but doin't want to go through easy things for SQL DBA with big experience?

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  • I haven't seen any web sites dedicated to both SQL Server and Oracle, but here is a good article that compares the two from a DBA Perspective.

  • This doco I know. I'm looking for some resources about Oracle but for DBA profis. It can be even book or magazine. I saw a lot of guides like MS SQL for Oracle DBAs but never opposite 🙁

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  • Well, maybe I can help you a bit since I was an Oracle DBA (v. 7 and up) prior to becoming an SQL Server DBA (v. 6.5 and up).

    I haven't found any books on Oracle for SQL Server dba's but you can look at these articles: and

    Here's a few things:

    In Oracle, you have one database for one instance (two or more instance for the same database with clustering). In SQL Server one Instance includes many databases (master, msdb, model, tempdb and user databases).

    The Oracle database has many tablespace. These are like filegroup in SQL Server (ex: PRIMARY), but I compare them also as a SQL Server database.

    In Oracle you have Temporary tablespace (like a tempdb), System tablespace (like master, msdb, model), User tablespace (like user database). You have rollback segments for the logging of transaction (transaction log file). You must archive the redo logs to do point in time recovery (like Full recovery mode in SQL Server).

    For more info on tablespace see:

    Some more good links: and

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  • BTW, I work with Oracle and SQL Server both together. They are totally different animals. There is no BOL for Oracle so you may need to buy some reference books or find some good Oracle web sites (I haven't found any good one, so if you do, please share :))

    The SQL in Oracle and SQL Server is not exactly the same, for example CAST and CONVERT in SQL Server and Oracle uses TO_CHAR and TO_NUM. Some of the data types are different too.

    PL/SQL and T-SQL is different. Oracle uses CURSOR a lot. When I moved from Oracle to SQL Server, the SQL Server DBA threw my first stored procedure back to me because I used 'CURSOR'.

    In my last job, there were 3 SQL Server DBAs to take care over 100 SQL Server databases, and 3 Oracle DBAs to take care of 1 Oracle database.

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