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  • Is there any industry standard term/phrase in the DBA community for old backups of SQL databases that have seemingly been left and forgotten about, that could pose a compliance risk around GDPR, or any other data retention element of the data regulations you are subjected to you in your roles.  I was thinking it could be something like orphaned backup files, but there may be a better phrase to help research this further.

  • No official term that I'm aware of. Old, outdated, orphaned, junk, garbage, <insert inappropriate words here>. You can call 'em just about anything I guess. I'd probably just refer to them as outdated backups. I'm unaware of any term of art on something like this.

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  • I use the term "Legacy Backups" when I need to politically correct terms so as not to be taken to task for what some people would call a "Visit by HR event 😀  although Grant's descriptions are much more accurate.  I also call them "Security Risks".   Another name for them might be "Resume Generating Files" because if they get out on your watch, you'll need to sharpen up your resume for your job search.

    My favorite description for such files is "Stupid and totally unnecessary security risk generated by moroffs that don't get it".  😀 😀 😀

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  • Thank you for the responses and input. The permissions on the files seem appropriate, it is just their age based on the file system info, suggests they have been forgotten about!

  • Agreed with @jeff.

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