Numeric characters that are varchar type going into Excel column as string

  • I am exporting data from sql2012 into excel sheet, some of the fields (for example productnumber) are varchar sql datatypes that are all numerals, but once in awhile they may contain an alpha letter. So, as it is displayed in Excel , a productnumber that has an alpha letter will get aligned to the left, making report visuals lopsided. Any suggestions on how to doctor the productnumber field while in the sql query before exporting?

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  • As far as I've ever seen, the alignment is done in the presentation layer...Excel, SSRS, etc. SQL just pushes the data...

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  • Kevin is correct. If visuals are that much of a problem, either align the columns yourself or create the report is SSRS and define it in your design.

    Exporting straight from SQL to Excel will just provide default formatting, of which includes numerics aligning to the right, and strings to the left.


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  • Do you have the Excel column set as Text before inserting the data? That would avoid a numeric format.

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  • southernnevada99 (12/28/2016)

    I am exporting data from sql2012 into excel sheet...

    HOW are you doing the export and what format are you using? For example, are you using CSV/TSV or what?

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