Null Functions (Arent those Meetings?)

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  • Just very good.

    Likes to play Chess

  • The problem with some of this weird functions is... you use it so sparingly that when you need it you forget the syntax and their meaning...

    I've never developed a stored procedure longer than 30 lines without even going once to BOL even when I know what functions to use... I just simply don't remember parameters and details about the ANSI/non ANSI behavior...

    I wish I had a chip inserted in my brain so I don't have to read every page in BOL 10 times!

    Do any of you guys know about a good and easy to learn memorization technique?


  • Thats a very good article Dinesh.

    Keep it up

  • Very Informative.

    Hope to See many more in the future


  • Great article thanks.

    Off to rewrite all my CASE statements using COALESCE()


    If it ain't broke, don't fix it...

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