Non-Numeric Measures in DAX

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  • Seems like everything eventually works back to some sort of numeric comparison.

  • I guess you can say that, but if it didn't, it wouldn't be a measure at all, but a dimension.

    It's really a technique for solving a specific business problem, and you would almost always also have the underlying numeric calculation available for use in different scenarios.

  • I really enjoyed the article.

    There were some minor typos such semicolons instead of commas in the DAX formulas. Largest Population = MAX([Population]) in PowerBi and in PowerPivot there would have been a ":=" for the measure. There are inconsistencies between the PowerBi and PowerPivot products that implement DAX. Also, I would have used Population Density = divide([Total Population],[Total Area]) to handle potential divide by zero errors instead of Population Density = [Total Population] / [Total Area].

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