Need query to retrieve billable information Monthly

  • Hi All,

    I have database that holds the productivity information.

    We need to create a report for monthly basis. Our company employees will work on the product and charge a billable to the client.

    So i need a query it should run monthly and create a report.

    Output should be..

    EmployeeName Workhours Billable

    XXXX 25 9.1%

    YYYY 45 10%.

    You need not worry about the workhours and billable.

    This query should run on monthly without changing anything in the query and also without using any DTS jobs.



  • With all due respect, this community is for people looking for assistance, not complete solutions.

    I think I speak for eveyone here in saying that we would more than happy to help you improve what you've done and even share our knowledge, but your questions implies that you want "us" to do all of the work for you.

    If you have in fact tried to accomplish your goal, then please read the following article and then post the approach that you've tried.



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    If you follow the direction given HERE[/url] you'll likely increase the number and quality of responses you get to your question.

    Jason L. Selburg
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  • Hey Jason,

    This is the query i am trying to solve

    Create table Billing (Id int, Name varchar(50), Workhours Varchar(20),Description Varchar(50))

    Declare @strdate int

    Set @strdate =datepart(mm,getdate())-1

    Select name,Sum(CAST(ROUND(Workhours, 0) AS int)) as [Workhours],Sum(CAST(ROUND(Workhours, 0) AS int))/40*100 as Billable from

    Billing Where Id in(2,4,6,8) and Datepart(mm,workdate)=@strdate

    group by name


    Here i got the problem

    It will take all the years including. I need a current year.

    Can you please assist me?



  • Hi All,

    Thanks for your time.

    I have used the date[art for the year and it worked fine.

    Thanks and regards,


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