Need help creating Triggers

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    i have come up with one more question to clarify.....

    i have got 3 tables machines, beverages and machine_beverages...

    1. machine table has got machine_id, machine_name etc....

    2. beverage table has got beverage_id, beverage_name

    3. machine_beverage table has got machine_id, beverage_id, bev_key, gram_settings etc....

    Now i have done the following programming for the data entry in 3 tables....

    a. A data entry page for beverage table using ASP and stored procedure(SQL)

    b. A data entry page for machines tables. This page receives the machine details and beverage settings for that machine and save it in corresponding tables.

    if there are 5 beverages, it adds 5 entries in machine_beverage table when adding new machine to the machines tables.

    In future, if new beverage gets added to beverage table, i want the SQL server to add beverage gram settings and beverage key (default to 0) in machine_beverage table for all the machines present in that.

    I know this could be done using Trigger statement for the beverage table after every new insert.

    could u please tell me how this trigger could be written

    many thanks in advance

  • jwiner


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    Try and take a stab at it the code you have and we can go from there.

  • thiruna

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    ok i will do that and come back...



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