Navigating Yukon - A First Look

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    Thanks Steve! I've been dying for a peek at Yukon.

    The question I have about the SQL Workbench interface is how does it perform compared to MMC. I've noticed that MMC seems to be a bit of a hog. I'm not sure if it's memory or what but I've always disliked MMC's tendency to lock up a pc if it's not happy or if it's waiting for something.

    I don't know if it was mentioned in the article but I'm excited about what I've heard regarding SQL Workbench's ability to record scripts. I don't know what sounds better to me, the ability for the GUI to script everything I do or just being able to easily see what T-SQL commands it uses for the various tasks.

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    "I met Larry Niven at ConClave 27...AND I fixed his computer. How cool is that?"
    (Memoirs of a geek)

  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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    Boy, I don't have Yukon handy (on the road), but it seems to me that it performs pretty well. If you've used Visual Studio, it performs like that, pretty well. Not sure it's locked up on me yet.

    As far as scripts, haven't dug in there. Was just poking around when I thought others might be interested, so I started making notes and looking around at various areas. Since so many things are turned off, I'll have to check on that.

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    The scripting is kind of nice. I noticed, at least for logins, it uses the old syntax (sp_addlogin for SQL Server login rather than CREATE LOGIN), probably so you can manage older SQL Servers. You will be able to see exactly what the Workbench would execute. Then again, for most operations you can do the same thing with Profiler in SQL Server 7.0 and 2000, it just isn't as convenient.

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    You mentioned Query Analyzer in your story yet I do not believe that Yukon (SQL Server 2K5) includes QA or anything like it. Sure the workbench allows you to connect and execute commands just like QA but the workbench can be over kill for many tasks. AT my company there are many times where one needs to lookup a quick value in a table and QA provides fast access to do this without a lot of over head. Under Yukon this same process would require using the bulky workbench.

    I have been unable to locate QA in Yukon (Beta 2) and I have not been able to get QA for SQL Server 2000 to work with Yukon. I too like the workbench and its ability to build projects but there needs to also be a way to quickly connect to and lookup simple pieces of data without having to create a project to do so.

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    A couple of things I have noticed, some may just be due to the fact that it is in Beta.  The first is that the results grid is not editable, I haven't seen a way within the tool to make it so.  This is a very handy feature in Enterprise Manager, being able to just pull up a table and edit some values.  Apparently we'll have to write update queries for every single thing (a real pain in the nether regions) or adopt some other tool.

    Also, in the stored procedure editor the having the checkboxes and what-not at the top is handy, maybe too much so.  A lot of people didn't know that you could encrypt stored procedures in 2000, but now it's right there staring you in the face, just check the box.  I see a lot of folks scrambling for a way to unencrypt their procs when they realize after the fact that they no longer have access to the source.

    SQLExpress looks to be an good option for standalone apps, just wondering if it will match Sybase for security.

    Marbry Hardin


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