Native C# in Stored Procedures

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  • Rob Bowser


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    :hehe: good1!

  • natalirozin

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  • Cody Konior

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    Frankly, the date aside, I think it should have done this. SQLCLR is a massive pain in the butt to write, compile, then distribute the DLLs, then load onto a busy production system.

    Though I do completely understand why they wouldn't want to.

  • vikram.visingh

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    That whats I thought.

    Who would use Visual Studio then.

  • twin.devil


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    Crackinnng :hehe:

  • greg.rowan

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    Well played sir, well played.

  • Nestor Jarquin

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    Ok, I'll admit it... I fell for it 🙁

    But then I was like, this sounds too good to be true... And it was...

  • Emito

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    jejejeje nice!!!!

  • Martin_Burton


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    Probably best not to even read most things posted today, been drawn into a few for the time it took me to read to the end.


  • davoscollective


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    Sad really though that they can't at least let you script in .net languages.

    I suppose there are some trusted/untrusted code issues to resolve.

    Postgres has had extensions for other languages for ages.

    Perl, Python, Tcl are built in as well as the pl/pgsql language, and others have added support for other languages, all done via a C interface. I'd love to see a bit of Iron Python in SSDT personally. In fact more love from the core visual studio team for database & BI projects generally. Sometimes it just feels like we're the poor cousins. The MDX calculations screen for example, is primitive compared to the level of debugging available to "real" .net projects.

    Maybe in SQL Server 2017?

  • Anders Pedersen


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    Good one!

    And demonstrates well why articles should be read in their entirety!

  • curran.davis

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  • Jim_K


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    And for half a second I was thinking, hmm, I might get easier access to regex functions. 😀

  • samalex


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    I was half way into an email to my other DBA and our Dev's with a link to the article when I double-checked to see if this was an April Fools post, which it was. Glad I saw that before I hit Send.

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