mySQL 4.1.2 Length of query??

  • I'm creating a query with a lot of AND's after the WHERE, but i've noticed that they are not all working. I dont get an error though, i'm just not getting the result that i need.

  • i had to google this, because i didn't know either;

    you can find out your current setting with this comand

    SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'max_allowed_packet';


    ¦ Variable_name......¦ Value...¦


    ¦ max_allowed_packet ¦ 1047552 ¦


    > Does anyone know if there's a maximum query length in mysql 4.1.x?


    > Thanks!

    The max is the length of your "max_allowed_packet" setting. You can up it

    permanently or only when needed in order to deal with queries up to either

    16MB or 1GB (depending on your version).


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