Multiple sources for dimensions in Data Warehouse

  • I am currently working on a financial Risk data warehouse. For my collateral dimension, I am souring the data from one source system. However, after further research by the business analyst, we found a legacy application that also holds collateral information which the bank also needs in the data warehouse. Bar a few common attributes that both source systems share, the legacy application contains a lot more attributes than what is defined already in my current collateral dimension. What is therefore the best way to onboard this new information in the Warehouse? I was thinking of extending the current collateral dimension but then would I need to do this every time I find a new source, which is very likely given the size of the bank. Alternatively is it better to create a new dimension called dimCollateralAdditionalInfo and add the extra attributes there?

  • Can you join the two source tables in SQL Server, and then create a view that you can use as the source for the dimension?

  • Yes that can be done. Essentially this is then extending the existing dimension?

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