Multiple .ndf file in single disk

  • I have moved some of my database to SQL server 2017 (RTM) - Standard Edition from SQL server 2008 R2 -Express Edition.

    Previously the tempdb had only one .ndf file , but now tempdb  have 3 .ndf files.

    Can I store all the 3 .ndf files in the same disk drive or it should be stored in different drives? Any problem if  multiple .ndf files stored in the single drive?


  • You would only considering putting the ndf files on different drives, if you have an enormous loads on tempdb. And it would only be meaningful if you have a super-duper I/O subsystem with multiple controllers etc. Few people has this these days.

    Given that you come from Express, I can't see that you would be even close to have reason to consider this. Just move on with the default configuration.

    By the way, you have applied the most recent Cumulative Update to your SQL 2017 installation, haven't you?



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  • I'm going to suggest that before you do anything else that you upgrade your new 2017 (RTM) server to the latest CU.  There were quite a few nasty little performance issues in 2017 (RTM) .  I don't know if there were other issues because the performance issues were reason enough for me but RTMs are rather infamous for have a shedload of issues in other areas, as well.

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