Multiple GRANT statements

  • Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of GRANT statements allowed in a batch? I am attempting to run 28 GRANT EXECUTE statements for various stored procedures at one time. I get the "Command(s) completed successfully", however, the permissions are not being set on the objects. If I run the statements individually, or in smaller groups, the permissions set correctly. I did some searching to see if this is a known problem, but could not find anything. Any help is appreciated.

    SQL Server 2000 Dev Ed, SP3

    Windows 2003 Std Ed, SP2

  • After looking at this further, if I remove owner reference for the stored procedures, I am able to execute all 28 lines at once:

    Does NOT work:

    GRANT EXECUTE ON dbo.storedproc1 TO dbrole


    GRANT EXECUTE ON dbo.storedproc28 TO dbrole

    Does work:

    GRANT EXECUTE ON storedproc1 TO dbrole


    GRANT EXECUTE ON storedproc28 TO dbrole

    I would have thought having owner reference is better, but apparently not.

  • Are you sure those objects exist in the 'dbo' schema? And, are you sure you have permissions to grant access to those access (requires WITH GRANT privilege).

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  • Yes to both. I'm guessing an error would have been thrown if either of these is false.

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