Multi Select Parameters in SSRS - SQL School Video

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  • Bah 🙂

  • Brian,

    Thanks these are a great help!:cool:

  • This was a nice presentation, however, I may not be alone in being locked into stored procedures as a data source. The consultant who assisted us in setting up the data warehouse was adamant that good practice was to never write a query directly in SSRS. When passing a multi-valued parameter string to a SP, one additional step is necessary to parse the query string. I am sure there are a number of satisfactory ways to handle this. I use a function call from the SP to parse the parm string to a table.

  • Biran,

    Thank you for sharing these videos with us. I have been really enjoying them. Sometimes it's hard to find the time to read a long article, but with a video I can see exactly how much time I will need and you manage to cram a lot of useful information in these few minutes. Keep up the good work! (btw, I own a few of your books too 🙂 )

  • While the video might be useful, I agree that it's good practice and much cleaner to use stored procedures. If you can show me how to do multi select parameters with stored procedures, I'd be really impressed. I've been battling with this for a while now.

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