Moving DB file

  • Can I attach DB in another server  on different drive??

    For Example Server: AAA , Database Name: DB_1 the MDF and LDF file is located on C drive

    Now I want this data file to copy on another Server: BBB on D drive and than attach the DB.

    How Can I do this?? It didn't allow me to attach on D drive and it does allow me to attach from C drive.

  • USE [master];
    (FILENAME = N'D:\YourPath\DB_1.mdf')
    ,(FILENAME = N'D:\YourPath\DB_1.ldf')
  • This is not working

  • Please post error messages for what is not working.

    More than likely you have not given permissions to the service account to the location needed.

  • I am trying to copy MDF and LDF file from one server to another.

    Initial On primary the DB was on C drive and on new server I was trying to attach on D drive

  • Nita Reddy wrote:

    I am trying to copy MDF and LDF file from one server to another.

    Initial On primary the DB was on C drive and on new server I was trying to attach on D drive

    You never posted the requested error messages.  You DO realize that you need to change the words "YourPath"  and the names of the files and the name of the DB to attach in the correct example that Ken McKelvey posted, yes?

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  • also keep in mind, the SQLServer service account needs to be granted usage of the given paths !


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  • This is what the error I got

    USE [master]



    ( FILENAME = N'D:\SQL_Data\DBTest.mdf' ),

    ( FILENAME = N'D:\SQL_Log\DBTest.ldf' )




    ERROR Message: (Though I have full access to d drive and I can create any other DB on D drive)

    Msg 5120, Level 16, State 101, Line 3

    Unable to open the physical file "D:\SQL_Data\DBTest.mdf". Operating system error 5: "5(Access is denied.)".

    Msg 1802, Level 16, State 7, Line 3

    CREATE DATABASE failed. Some file names listed could not be created. Check related errors.


  • As others have already mentioned, it is the SQL Server service account that needs permission to that folder.

    Permissions aren't always inherited from the parent -- sometimes they get changed from the parent folder. Just because permissions exist on D: doesn't mean they are granted on D:\SQL_Data... or the individual files in D:\SQL_Data.

    I'm assuming  you have already copied the files to that folder.

    1. When you right click on the D:\SQL_Data folder & view properties - Security, is the account under which SQL Server is executing (probably MSSQLSERVER unless you changed it on install or it's a named instance) present, and does it have Full Control? If not, you will need to add it. For MSSQLSERVER,  you will have to type in NT SERVICE\MSSQLSERVER for a default instance, or NT SERVICE\MSSQL$InstanceName (using real instance name).
    2. Likewise for the data & log files -- permissions may not be inherited from the folder, especially if copied from elsewhere. Does SQL Server account have Full Control on DBTest.mdf & DBTest.ldf?
  • To clarify the issue, you, or your account, is not attaching the database on the instance. You are requesting the SQL Server Database Engine do the attach. The database service, which is running under a service account, is what needs permissions.

    The post above checks for the default service accounts, but it's possible some other account is being used. You would check this under the Services applet in Windows.


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