Monitoring where server down

  • Hi.

    I'm DBA where exists 30 servers running SQL Server.

    I need implement one process or job for monitoring and alert where these servers down.

    I answer....Why ?????



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  • You can setup one server as the main alert server and send alerts to that one server.

    Alternatively, there are any number of packages from NetIQ, CA, WhatsUp, etc that will montior your servers.

    Steve Jones

  • Hi

    Im not 100% sure on this, but check perfmon out, from memory you can set an event to throw an email or netsend message when the instance is down. There is a variety of counters that you can monitor and send events about so well worth a look. Might not be an ideal solution for you.



    Chris Kempster
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  • We don't have any of the commercial packages, so I ended up writing a DTS job that checks once an hour for servers in a given list. It tries to make a connection to the server using ADO (VBScript job step). I then check connection status. We have several categories for our servers, and certain people should be alerted based on category. What happens is after it checks each server, it sends one e-mail message (using xp_sendmail) to a person, alerting said person to which servers are down.

    K. Brian Kelley

    K. Brian Kelley

  • I've used NetIQ and HP Openview to do this for us. Both will restart sql server if it dies and the box is still running. Other that that I would use bkelly's idea of the polling from a master server.


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