Monitoring File Sizes in SQL Server Part 3

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  • Thanks. That's a great script which is very useful.

    The good side of this script is you can monitor individual db.

    The downside is the drive and path is hardcoded and if we move the datafiles to a different drive / change path, the script would fail.

    Otherwise, this is a really useful utility.

    Great job.





  • Bloody Brilliant!. I'm not into scripting but the last three days have shown me its value.

    This is really useful.


  • I have tried this script on several different servers and computers and keep receiving the following error:

    Line: 86

    Char: 1

    Error: Unknown Runtime Error

    Code: 800A03EC

    Line 86 executes the following:


    I am curious to see how this report runs.



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