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    I am trying to configure the Mirroring in 2008r2. In middle i am getting the error 1418.

    tried changing the service account. but it didn't resolved.

    Tried configure with commands below in both principal and mirror servers.

    alter database abc set partner = 'tcp://node1:5022'

    alter database abc set partner = 'tcp://nod2:5022'

    for some time the database showing as synchronized and within secs the mirroring will go off. I am not able to understand what mistake i am doing.

    I tried tenet the port .. Its working.

    Also i changed the SQL Service account to administrator and domain user account.. same issue i am facing.

    above all everything i tried in Production 2008r2 servers.

    Also i tried setup same in sql2016 test servers. similar issue i am facing. please help to resolve the issue.


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    Have you checked that the endpoints are in a STARTED state?

    select * from sys.endpoints

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