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  • I completely agree with you, Steve. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way.

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  • Yeah, lots of people like typing. Esp technology people

  • Steve Jones - SSC Editor wrote:

    Yeah, lots of people like typing. Esp technology people

    There are "those" managers that associate the rattle of keyboards with productivity.

    The JetBrains IDEs have spell checkers in them, which does at least warn us when what we have typed might be a typo.

    Refactoring and using a DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) approach also helps.

    Tools such as Confluence are widely used for documentation in organisations but I've not come across many people who really make good use of its macros that help avoid duplication.

    • Excerpt and Excerpt include macros
    • Page include macros for where a page may be useful in more than one Confluence space.
    • Page property and report macros that let us pull key:value pairs of information into a summary page
    • Page Templates that put boiler plate text in place.
  • I've found that a lot of people just don't give a damn.

    I recently did a peer review of some rather length but vertically code where the table name was simply "Config".  It was perfectly copied throughout two large scripts as "Cnfig".  What's even worse is that they were both signed off as "Peer Reviewed" by another developer.

    And, before you ask, Yes... I verified that the table name was "Config".

    I'll leave what I think of such a table name alone. 😀

    --Jeff Moden

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