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    I am working on migration project and doing the conversion using SSMA. Checking to see if anyone has done the migration from Sybase to SQL Server. If yes, can you list some of the issues identified. I have identified some of the issues and happy to share but just wanted to check with anyone here that has really worked on it and has any inputs or advise that the migration can be done in a better way? Thanks in advance!

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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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    I never kept a list of everything but the migration assistant will pick up most things and provide workarounds and additional information for the ones the assistant didn't convert. And then you test and test and test...just like any other migration. There used to be more documentation on going Sybase to SQL Server but I don't see very much recently published. It's likely difficult to keep up with all the changes with each platform.  Some of the older docs would still be a good reference. Refer to this article and then the link at the very bottom of the article for the pdf  "Guide to Migrating from Sybase ASA to SQL Server 2008"

    Migrating Sybase ASE to SQL Server: Similarities and Differences to Help in Planning a Migration Project


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    Lately, the migration assistant also transmits a shedload of information about the servers involved to Microsoft, which I don't believe I want them to have no matter how benign they claim it might be.  For that reason, I don't use the migration assistant anymore.  Your thoughts on the subject may differ from mine but at least you know now.

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