Migrating Objects to Production

  • I was wondering how different DBA's migrated their changes to the production environment?

    Is there a product out there, that scripts it for you? Do you script it yourself? Do you use DTS to move the objects?

  • I script everything. If I don't write the script initially (i.e someone else is developing) then I script following review. That way when I migrate to production I have everything set. Just my preference.

    I know that red-gate offers some tools for structure compare which helps if change tracking has not been what it should be. That will map out all the differences between "test" and "prod" environments.

    I'm sure others will have input but I hope this helps.




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  • Depends on the complexity of the project. For my simple projects that are non-critical, I generally set up the logins on the new server, backup the database on test, restore in production, recover orphan sql accounts, and do any sql agent or linked server things that need to be implemented.

    For more complex and critical systems, given a well funded customer, I like to do a mock upgrade so we can get the sequence of events down and minimize any downtime. It also helps to remove stress from the developing team to have a success under their belts.

    Now formal Change control from an organizational perspective is worthy of a book or something. I am just outlining the DBA mechanics here!

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  • I create scripts for all objects and include the granting of permissions in the script. Then I execute the script in our testing environment. I modify the script to correct problems found during testing. Once testing is complete the scripts are executed in our production environment. Small changes are done during the day. Larger ones at night or on the weekend.

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