• Boooo...I want my free set of steak knives!

    Aigle de Guerre!

  • Meow Now (11/17/2014)

    Boooo...I want my free set of steak knives!

    I like that idea.:-D

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  • Original question didn't mention 1) minimum requirement and 2) Express Edition.

    I chose none of the above due to the recommended minimum 4GB for all non-Express editions.

  • The question is not detailed enough, cannot be answered properly and should be revised. As previous posts state, there is a "minimum" requirement for memory, but memory really depend on the edition!! I assumed the question was *not* talking about the express edition(s), and based on this website, *None of the above* answers would be true for either SQL Server 2012 it recommends 4 GB and should be increased as database size increases.

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