Maximum Capacity

  • Agreed. There is no conflict between the BOL references. One states the maximum memory requirement for installing (and running) SQL Server Workgroup Edition, and the other statest the maximum memory SQL Server Workgroup Edition is actually capable of putting to good use once it's been installed and is up and running.

    Yes, it's a subtle difference, but a perfectly reasonable one. Just look at the converse - if you installed SQL Server Workgroup Edition on a box with 512Mb RAM, then removed 256Mb and upped the page file by 256Mb, SS2k5 won't fail to run; it'll just run like a dog. Running requirements and installation requirements are two separate things.

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  • Another reference more,

    in this URL:

    in the chapter:

    "Upgrading MSDE to different editions of SQL Server 2005"

    Clearly shows the limit of 3GB for the Workgroup Edition.

  • in msdn says maximum ram is : Maximun OS supported. not 3GB

    SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition

    Pentium III-compatible processor or higher

    Minimum: 600 MHz

    Recommended: 1 GHz or higher

    Minimum: 512 MB

    Recommended: 1 GB or more

    Maximum: Operating system maximum

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