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  • Ray K


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    Hi folks...

    Last week, I heard a new (to me) term: materialized view.  (I'm working in an Oracle shop right now; don't judge me!)  Having worked in mostly SQL Server environments, I had never heard of materialized views before.  Now I'm spending some time trying to learn about them.

    Can anyone recommend any learning resources about them, including (and especially) examples of how to use them?


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  • Gail Shaw

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    I'd start with the MS documentation, it's pretty good. They're usually called 'indexed views', so that search term should get you a lot of reading.

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    I did a search of "Materialized Views Oracle" and got quite a bit of information about it.  It does seem that materialized views in Oracle can do quite a bit more than materialized views (indexed views) in SQL Server.

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