Machine learning K-Means applied to SQL Server data

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  • This is an awesome article.  I t  falls in line with my learning Python and Pandas.  Also, I a Database Connection class and choose pyodbc over SQLAlchemy.  Azure Data Studio complained about pyodbc  and suggested the use of SQLAlchemy.  For other readers, I am using "Effective Pandas - patterns for data manipulation" by Matt Harrison.  There is a GitHub repository of the  called "effectivepandas" with the code.

    I am going to go through Daniel's other articles.  SQL, Python, and Pandas are a killer combination.

  • I am getting following warning

    UserWarning: pandas only supports SQLAlchemy connectable (engine/connection) or database string URI or sqlite3 DBAPI2 connection. Other DBAPI2 objects are not tested. Please consider using SQLAlchemy.

    and error

    ValueError: x and y must have same first dimension, but have shapes (10,) and (1,).

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