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    The SQL Server community has shared, inspired, and supported each other in a way I haven't seen in other areas.

    You're one of the people that started that, Steve.  Thank YOU for your service!


    --Jeff Moden

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  • "Many of us wander through our careers, and often look to others to help inspire us to set, work towards, and achieve goals. "

    Steve, your thought really stuck with me this morning.  As I look back I really do understand the profundity of that as I think about companies, bosses, family, friends, co-workers, and events that shaped my years.  I think especially during our earlier years we do in fact wander more than we would like to admit.  We react to good experiences and bad experiences in different ways that pretty much guide us along.  We make decisions regarding our careers in a variety of different ways and circumstances, including interests and motivations, family needs, financial needs, opportunities to advance, and even through job losses beyond our control.

    But I think that the overriding factor in most if not all of these circumstances is our own reaction to the situations we find ourselves to be in.


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