log shipping trn files not deeting

  • pols

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    We configured logshipping for some databases. Everything is working fine. backup,copy and restore jobs are working fine, But trn files are not deleting automatically. Till last week it worked fine. but unexpectedly from 1 week the delete files automatically not happening.

    I checked the permission on the network folder. everything looks fine. the sq server agent account having ful control. But why not deleting the old files?

    Please suggest me what needs to check? i am not having nay clue.

    backup,copy,restoration doing properly. but not deleting the backup,copy files.


  • Beatrix Kiddo


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    Do you mean they're not deleting from the Primary side? In the backup settings what do you have under "Delete Files Older Than"?





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  • pols

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    Yes you are right. From the network path folder the files were not deleting.

    I mentioned delete files older than 3 days.

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