Loading partitioned table incrementally using SSIS

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  • Not sure that you need a dynamic sql statement in Ole db source adapter, via a variable. To use something like a date variable I can simply construct my query like the following:

    Select col1, col2 col3
    from myTable
    where dateField >= ?

    Use the Parameters dialogue via the button to map the '?' to your date variable. 

    You also mention :

    In my example, I have created 3 tables as shown above – dbo.TGT_tablename_tbl, swap.TGT_tablename_tbl and shadow.TGT_tablename_tbl.

    The names here are not consistent with the diagram. That would be good to have. 


  • Referring to figures 7 and 8 ... I also wonder what someone would expect from the use of the NOLOCK operator. It is not an optimizing technique.


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