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  • Thank you, Steve, for this excellent editorial. I'm keenly aware of the passage of time as I, too, get older. And thank you for sharing the video of Scott Hanselman with Abel Wang. My career has taken an unexpected turn. I am now the "Accidental TFS Administrator" at work. And I'm trying to move a very reluctant large state department to adopt Azure DevOps Services and DevOps itself. (At this time, it feels like a futile endeavor.) Anyway, I became aware of Abel about 3 years back, when I was starting to learn how to use TFS more intelligently to do my job as a developer. Abel and Donovan Brown have become a couple of heroes for me on the DevOps journey. I tweeted Abel a couple questions over the years. I doubt he knew who I was, as he must have received lots of questions from all his followers. He answered my questions graciously. I miss Abel a lot. He was someone worth knowing, following, and learning from.

    Anyway, there's less time left to me in this life, then when I was young. (BTW, I don't consider myself "old". I've witnessed what happens to people when they think they're old. It's one of the surest ways possible to put yourself into an early grave, to just think of yourself as old.) I do what I can to enjoy this life. In fact, I've got to stop writing this as we're getting ready to go to the zoo as a family. It's time to live in the present, to enjoy what God's given me now. So, hope you all have a wonderful time today.


  • Hope you enjoy the day, Rod. I'm working, but only because my kid has tomorrow off, so we're all going hiking then.

  • We had a wonderful time at the zoo, Steve. Then went to Genghis Grill afterwards. (Two other places we tried to go to were closed for the Labor Day holiday.) After a day of fun in the sun, followed by a large meal, I was tired when I got home, so I took a nap. Overall, an enjoyable day. 🙂


  • Thank you, Steve.  this is the best none technical article that I read in this great website.  from now on, i should starting live or not living at all. no other way!  sorry,  I rated the article low accidentally but its  5+ start article.

    this is the website i get to interact with the top SQL server personality and they were inspirational and kind!

    Steve, you keep doing the different things you are doing and you are great person. thanks.

  • Thanks for the kind comments. Glad that you enjoyed it.

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