Linked server with sybase

  • Hi,

    I am rying to set up a linked server with sybase. I created a system DSN on sql server machine with Intersolv 3.01 OEM Sybase driver. In EM i gave the DSN as Datasource and Provider string as

    DRIVER={Intersolv 3.01 OEM Sybase};SERVER=Servername;UID=Usrnam;PWD=Pass

    In catalog I gave databse name.

    But when I click on tables under the linked server name the process hangs without any error message. I can't even kill the process.

    What are the other things I need to check?

    Do I need Sybase client components installed on the SQl server? THe sybase runs on Unix box.Do i need my sql server service to run on domain account? I greatly appreciae any help. I am really struck here.

    thanks in advance


  • I have no experience with Sybase - perhaps other readers do? Steve will be back next week, he might have some ideas too. In the interim I'd suggest double checking connectivity at the network level and verifying that you're connecting with a userid/password that has access permissions on the remote server.


  • Thanks a lot Andy! I did check the connectivity.I will wait for Steve or any response from others.

    I appreciate your response.

  • You might also check the Sybase site, also the newsgroups at (my favorite for research).


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