Level 4 - Building the Hyper-V VM

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  • Thanks for the great article. Much of it is beyond me but my DBM is going to love it.

  • Really appreciate the detailed outline. Although I've had some hands on in this area, I would've appreciated even more had the figures been available to be enlarged; none were clickable. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the great articles. The SQL folks definitely need this knowledge.

    Igor Micev,My blog: www.igormicev.com

  • Great article, thank you.


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  • I would add to the checklist that both the host and the guest should have the High Performance profile enabled in the power options of the OS, as this is not the default configuration...

  • Great article, provided the most thorough and precise guide for MS SQL preparation for Hyper-V environment.

    Even if its an old article I have 2 questions:

    1. Why do you need 1..Z paritions for TempDB Data and Log Files (1 of Z). TempDB is a system db shared - why do you need different vhdx files ? Do you need one VHDX per tempdb file ?
    2. In case you host a reporting DB on the system, I suppose that you will treat ReportingDB and ReportingTempDB as 2 separate databases with their own vhdx files, right?

    Thanking you again for you great article, keep up the good work!

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