Level 4: Analyse & Deploy a Windows Server Failover Cluster

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    Started glancing over this Stairway as it popped up on the main page this morning.

    I do have a question concerning creating the underlying FCI to support an Always-On group, though. If I want to create an automatic FCI using Windows Server 2008 R2, I'll HAVE to use either node-and-disk, or node-and-file share, so that the cluster can maintain a quorum, correct? With the obvious issue of either the disk failing and taking quorum with it, or the file share being inaccessible for some reason.

    Is it possible, with Windows Server 2012, to have a two-node FCI maintain quorum using the "Dynamic Node Weight" feature? IE, Node1 has a weight of 1, Node2 has a weight of 0, so we have quorum and everything is happy?

    Thanks for a great article!


  • jasona.work


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    OK, I think I may have found my answer to the Server 2012 two-node.

    Either an odd-number of nodes, or a file-share or disk majority quorum is still recommended, so it sounds like my thought might now work as hoped. Something I'll have to test out on my home lab.

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    can either Jason or Perry confirm the preferred quorum for WFC supporting always on? (OS2012R2 SQL2012)




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