Last Successful Completion Date for SQL Job

  • I am trying to write a query to get a list of all SQL Jobs that have failed.  The part I am having an issue with is getting the "Last Successful Date" the SQL Job completed without errors.  It seems what I am getting is the last "successful step", not the last time the entire SQL Job completed without errors.  I am hoping someone can help show my error.  Below is my current code, but the "As Last_Successful_Date" subquery is the part I am having an issue with at the moment.

    J.NAME AS "Job_Name",
    J.DESCRIPTION AS "Job_Description",
    H.Step_Name AS "Step_Name",
    H.MESSAGE AS "Error_Message",
    MSDB.dbo.Agent_Datetime(h.run_date, h.run_time) AS Last_Status_Date,
    (SELECT MAX(MSDB.dbo.Agent_Datetime(run_date, run_time)) FROM MSDB.dbo.SysJobHistory WHERE run_status = 1 AND job_id = j.job_id) AS Last_Successful_Date
    MSDB.dbo.SysJobHistory H,
    MSDB.dbo.SysJobs J
    J.job_id = H.job_id
    AND h.run_date = (SELECT MAX(hi.run_date) FROM MSDB.dbo.SysJobHistory hi WHERE h.job_id = hi.job_id)
    AND ((h.run_status = 0) OR (h.run_status = 3))
    AND h.step_name <> '(Job outcome)'
  • If you filter on step_id = 0, you'll get the info for the entire job instead of the final step.


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