Keep Column Headers Visible in SSRS

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  • Jeff Moden

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    I don't use SSRS but the question of headers does come frequently on these forums.  Now I've got a great place to point them to.  Well done.

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    That's it!  This has never been a critical issue so I never investigated it but I've always been curious why headers disappear despite having "Keep header visible while scrolling" checked.  I saw the article and had to look at it.  Great screenshots and thanks for getting right to the point.  Because it was so clear, I went right into an existing report, tried your settings and for the first time since I've been using SSRS my headers are staying in place.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Mike Good


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    Excellent article, thank you!

  • bsmith 54568


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    Appreciate you pointing out the correct way to do this Ginger. My users also thank you.

    Curious what the 'keep header visible while scrolling' row and column checkboxes are for. Since they don't do what they seem they're supposed to do, what do they actually do?

    Tablix properties > General > Row Headers/Column Headers

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