Journey of DBA to a cloud computing expert

  • I am a SQL Server DBA for more than 7 years now. With the changing trend, I would like to move towards Cloud Computing.

    I see that SQL Azure is the happening thing today.

    How would I be able to transition myself from a DBA to a cloud computing expert, or atleast a novice to start with 😛

    Are there any good training materials which can start from the very basics or do we have good amount of training institutes in Bangalore, India?

  • I don't know any training institutes in Bangalore, but what about just signing up to Azure and start doing it. You can get a sample account for free. As long as you keep your databases very small the costs are extremely limited. It's not hard. It's also very similar to SQL Server. A healthy majority of what you learn in SQL Server is immediately translatable. Other than that, hit blogs. I blog on it regularly at You can also learn a ton from

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  • Thanks a lot Grant. I shall go through the blog and get back to you.

  • Benki Chendu (1/30/2013)

    How would I be able to transition myself from a DBA to a cloud computing expert?

    Depending on your definition of "cloud computing expert" you might be asking how to transition from being a DBA to either be a "sytems administrator specialized in cloud" or be a "cloud computing consultant".

    On the first case, your previous experience as DBA will add nothing to your new career path while on the second case your previous live as a DBA will add some value but, you will have to add a lot of skills to it, basically the skills of a solutions architect.

    Hope this clarifies.

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