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    Hello there!!

    I have the CTEs but is not working take for ever please I need help with this, I am new in this

    The gl_account has the name of the accounts and department (use for filters)

    The gl_detail has the account and detail information

    invoices have all information of the invoices posted and unposted (booth needed), also the vendor id

    vendor information linked to invoices to vendor id.

    I need to have  a report where I can filter by Org and Object and year which will bring posted and unposted invoices


    Select gl_detail.a_org, gl_detail.a_object, gl_detail.j_ref1_vendor,gl_detail.a_journal_number,gl_detail.j_credit_amount, gl_detail.j_debit_amount

    from gl_detail

    INNER JOIN gl_accounts ON gl_detail.a_org =gl_accounts.a_org andgl_detail.a_object=gl_accounts.a_object

    Select distinct Invoices.VendorId, Vendors.Id, Vendors.VendorNumber, Invoices.IsPosted,


    from Invoices

    INNER JOIN Vendors ON Invoices.VendorId=Vendors.Id


    When I run the select by itself work but my join dont work

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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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    A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that a CTE is rendered as a separate object.  Unless there is a "blocking operator" in the CTE, it's treated like any view or "derived table" in a FROM clause would be treated.  It is frequently better to materialize the results of a CTE as a Temp Table before trying to do any JOINs.  It's frequently referred to as the "Divide'n'Conquer" method.

    DBAs that don't allow such usage of TempDB sometimes don't understand that all that's happening with the original query may be overwhelming TempDB with "Eager Spools" or rather insane usage of "Lazy Spools".  Using a Temp Table in place of the CTE you want to join to can totally eliminate such spooling.

    As with all else in SQL Server, "It depends".  Give it a try and see what happens.

    --Jeff Moden

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