Idera SQL Compliance Manager, not showing events??

  • Trying to test this out for work, to see if it might work for some of our monitoring requirements (security-type stuff, not performance) and I've got it up and running in a lab environment.  But.  The console isn't showing any events, despite me generating events it should be reporting (failed logins, etc)

    I've got it set up with a dedicated back-end SQL instance (which it talks to fine,) a dedicated console / management server, and a second SQL instance to monitor.  All three are on the same domain, service accounts are set to meet the requirements set forth in Idera's documentation, and I can *SEE* the trace files it creates on both the monitored SQL and in the folder on the management server (which indicates they're getting created and copied.)

    But it doesn't seem to be READING the bloody files.

    Anyone using this have pointers on what to check?

    It's the current version of Compliance Manager, so 5.5.something.


    I'm also going to be re-doing the environment to see about using SQL Monitor to do this.

  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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