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  • DinoRS


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    I have a budget available every year to attend SQLPass including any expenses faced during my stay, unfortunately the last two years I didn't have the time to go, hopefully I'll be able to next year but currently I'm not holding my breath for that.

  • call.copse


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    Time is the problem in general. I've been fully loaded for several years and while I can take time on occasion it's sometimes just hard to put it  as a priority. Weekends though are just not happening - they have in the past but no more, my choice.

  • jeberhard-623651


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    My office is very good about training. They think it is very important to keep up with the latest changes in technology.  They provide a subscription to Pluralsight for each programmer and gives us one day a month to work from home and take the Pluralsight course or courses of our choice. They also provide transportation, hotel and meals for one users group conference every couple of years staggered among the programming staff.

  • Rod at work


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    WOW, HSA for training. What a great idea! I totally love it!!

    This year I was honored to attend Microsoft Ignite 2019. It is my understanding that I am the first person in IT to go to any conference in decades, so I really appreciate the fact that I could attend. I shared as best I could, talks I attended and presentations via the Microsoft Teams app on my phone with my team here at work.

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • kiwood

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    I love the idea. I would say that the best thing I could think of would be to have guidelines and some pre-approved vendors. The best thing is that the general idea could work in any setting and could become a serious reason for some to take certain jobs.

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    Nice to see a lot of you have budget for training, though without getting/taking time off, it's less useful. Easy to get too caught up in daily work and not take the time to grow yourself and learn. If a specific event doesn't work, you really ought to look at something else. Online class, local class, etc. to be sure that you recharge and refresh your career.

  • Eric M Russell

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    If I'm not putting out a fire, responding to a request, or working on a deliverable, then I'm learning something. I believe that most of us have more opportunity and time for learning (not necessarily formal training) than we realize. This could be taking a deep dive into Google researching a technical topic, watching a video, or working on a proof of concept. If you find that you're swamped all the time, then maybe reading a book on using PowerShell script to automate common DBA tasks would be a good place to start, and then once you start reaping the benefits of that, then use the free time to move on to other things.



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  • Dyslexic BDA

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    Each year my company promises to provide training courses, normally during review periods but due to time constraints and work load it never happens.  They will pay for the exam, or will reimburse for exams (apparently) but like a lot of people on here finding the time to study is always a challenge.

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